Facilities Services

ICS Consulting, Inc LogoSouth Central Service Cooperative, as part of The Minnesota Service Cooperatives, has partnered with ICS Consulting, Inc. to provide members with access to facility-related services and solutions. ICS is a leading professional services firm focused on providing strategic facility planning, project development, and construction services. 

With decades of experience guiding school districts throughout the planning process, ICS has assisted in passing over $654 Million in voter-approved funds since May 2017. This past summer, ICS successfully managed the construction of over $350 Million.

Services available to our members through ICS include: 

  • Comprehensive Facility Assessment and Long-Range Facility Master Planning
  • Long-Term Facility Maintenance Planning and Implementation
  • Community Engagement & Process Facilitation
  • Owner’s Representation, Construction & Program Management
  • Technical Services including Commissioning and Re-Commissioning
  • Energy Efficiency and Monitoring Services

ICS team members will collaborate with SCSC’s staff and consultants to provide value-added facility services to all members. This partnership will allow members to continue to take a more pro-active approach to overall facility planning; aiding in future success for each member. 

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ICS Consulting Handout (PDF)

For additional information, please visit www.ics-consult.com.


Glenn Morris, 507-389-5106

Karen Olson, ICS Coop Member Services, 651-728-1880