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SCSC partner, Rapp Strategies, provides high-quality public information and community engagement plans for school districts, cities and counties to use during public referenda.

Rapp Strategies can help SCSC members with operating levies, capital project requests or local option sales tax proposals.  They will work with you to assess the best strategies based on your project objectives, its tax impact and their past experience with referenda.

As of November 2022, Rapp Strategies has provided communications support for 87 referendum elections, mostly in Greater Minnesota, and their clients have been successful 63 times.

High-Value, Reasonably Priced Packages

Strategy + Materials

Working with you as you start your referendum planning, the Rapp Strategies team will provide strategic counsel to your leadership that will shape ballot question designs, improve stakeholder involvement and assist with problem solving. They will also develop the public information materials you need to connect with your residents.

Materials Only

​If your needs are limited to producing high quality communications, Rapp Strategies will work with your team to develop core materials for a public information campaign, including materials for staff, parents, community members and local media.

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