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SCSC provides on-site regional health, safety, and environmental management assistance services to member districts.

An independent, outside “set of eyes” offers districts an important perspective on their operations.

SCSC's services help to identify areas where safety and health violations exist within your operations. An audit may include a review of local programs, long-term facilities planning, and a walkthrough of your operations to identify safety hazards that represent potential violations of industry standards.

We provide a written report that details findings of the inspection along with recommendations for corrective action.

This is a cooperative program with the Minnesota Department of Education to provide assistance in the development and implementation of an effective health and safety program throughout a district. It also assists directly in the identification and application process for health and safety capital projects through the state health and safety levy.

SCSC contracts with Marc Bachman to provide these services. Marc served the Saint Peter Public Schools as the Operations and Maintenance Supervisor, managing six buildings totaling over 550,000 square feet and 115 acres and an annual budget over $1.2 million.

For further information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Marc or Glenn.
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