Physical Impairments

Physical impairment means a medically diagnosed physical impairment, either congenital or acquired, that adversely affects physical or academic functioning and results in the need for special education and related services.

Regional specialists are available to assist district teams by:

  • Classroom observation and assessment of students with physical disabilities that impact learning and functioning in the educational setting.
  • Review of medical reports, educational reports and records to determine how and if physical impairment impacts learning (often in coordination with OT/PT/DAPE).
  • Consultation to on-site staff regarding strategies, accommodations and/or modifications.
  • Transition planning from one setting to another as well as transition to life after high school.
  • Attendance at IEP and related team planning meetings.
  • Child specific and general in-service to school teams.
  • Resource and material distribution to increase knowledge and awareness to school team regarding how physical disability impacts learning and functioning.


Minnesota Department of Education
Physically Impaired Criteria 


Erin Toninato, Special Ed Director, 507-389-1914
Rhonda Jensen, Administrative Support, 507-389-1425