Low Incidence Project

Audiology / Deaf / Hard of Hearing

Audiological services for children with suspected or diagnosed hearing loss.


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South Central Service Cooperative Regional Low Incidence Project provides audiological services for children with suspected or diagnosed hearing loss.

Services Available


  • Provides comprehensive and educationally relevant hearing tests to individuals, birth to 21 years of age.
  • Makes recommendations for and ensures proper fit and function of hearing aids and other listening devices.
  • Collaborates with schools, parents and community agencies in developing educational programming, equipment monitoring and inservice training.
  • Advocates for all infants, toddlers and youth with hearing impairment for the development of programs that promptly identify evaluate and provide appropriate intervention services.
  • Staff audiologists have close contact with teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing who are responsible for providing direct educational services to children with hearing impairment in South Central Minnesota.

SCSC's audiologist provides hearing testing to children birth to 21 years of age at the hearing test booths located  at SCSC in North Mankato or at the Southern Plains Education Cooperative in  Fairmont. It is strongly recommended that children four years of age or younger be assessed at one of these facilities.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • Assessment of educational needs.
  • Direct and indirect educational services to children and families.
  • Strong emphasis on auditory learning.
  • Provide services in academics, compensatory skills, transition and social/emotional issues related to hearing loss.
  • Early intervention services for young children with hearing loss.

To arrange a comprehensive audiological evaluation to be conducted at the SCSC hearing booth call 507-389-1425.

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Holle Spessard

Director - Special Education Services
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Karen Johnson, Au.D.

Educational Audiologist