Education Career Academy

Are you interested in becoming a teacher? If so, what kind of teacher? Preschool Teacher or a Special Education Teacher, or a High School Teacher? The Education Career Academy, developed by South Central Service Cooperative can help you explore a wide variety of teaching professions.

According to the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB), the teacher shortage spans public schools in urban, suburban and rural communities and is the result of multiple factors. Among them: just half of Minnesota teachers with a professional license are working in the classroom, and there’s been a significant dip in the number of new teachers entering the procession. The problem is so widespread that more than a third of districts reported they were unable to fill teaching positions they’d budgeted for in the 2019-20 school year.

This academy is an excellent career pathway to help students discover an interest and pursue a career in teaching.

The instructor-led courses will be offered online with a local Teacher to support their journey. There are also coordinated work based learning opportunities for students to shadow classrooms in their home district, create lesson plans, and even assist with hands on activities in the classroom.

To get started, contact: 

Gwenn Wolters, gwolters@mnscsc.org