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Worksite Wellness Program


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The SCSC Wellness Program is available exclusively to SCSC/MHC insurance pool members.

At SCSC, we recognize the significance of encouraging our members to adopt a proactive approach to employee well-being. Our wellness funding is carefully crafted to support and incentivize the creation of diverse and engaging wellness programs. These programs are designed to encompass a wide range of activities and learning opportunities, all aimed at enhancing overall well-being and effectively managing healthcare costs.

By providing dedicated wellness funding, we aim to empower SCSC member groups to invest in initiatives that promote healthy choices and facilitate the utilization of well-being tools. We believe that a proactive and preventative approach to health not only benefits individuals but also contributes to a healthier, more productive workforce.

Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond merely providing financial support. We actively collaborate with our members to develop customized wellness strategies that align with the unique needs and goals of their organizations. Our team is dedicated to offering guidance and resources to ensure the successful implementation of wellness programs, creating a positive impact on both employee health and organizational bottom lines.

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Jessica Maday

Coordinator - Administrative Services
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Hannah Keltgen

Manager of Wellness and Marketing Communications