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Workforce Development Coordinators provide career-connected learning opportunities for high school students by establishing dialog and relationships between rural school districts and the business community. These opportunities help students explore careers within the region in the hopes of either encouraging them to return to our communities after receiving the necessary training for their field or to stay in our community after high school graduation if immediately entering the workforce.

Regional Workforce Coordinators work within high schools to engage with students and help them make connections with potential future careers and employers. Coordinators set up tours to local businesses and helps share information with students on what training is needed for these types of jobs or if they can do them right out of high school. Some of the career exploration opportunities available include:

  • Class presentations
  • Field trips
  • Class experiences with local businesses
  • Small group career exploration tours
  • Large career exploration events, such as career fairs

Workforce Development Coordinators are contracted through Community and Economic Development Associates (CEDA).

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Kim Mueller

Coordinator - Career & Technical Education
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