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SCSC administers the SOCRATES Telecom Network, a private regional telecommunications network that provides Internet access and data and network services to its members.

SOCRATES—the South Central Regional Area Telecommunications System—was established in 1996 to provide service to schools and libraries in South Central Minnesota.

About the Network

The current generation of the SOCRATES regional network was built in partnership with Consolidated Communications and went online in 2021.

The private network runs over fiber-based infrastructure and was designed to maximize performance, uptime, and security.

By working as a consortium with a guaranteed 5 to 8-year contract, SOCRATES members can access a level of performance, management, and security that is unavailable when purchasing regular consumer or business-level Internet services from local providers.

Key Features


The private network, used only by our SOCRATES education members, is built to provide multiple redundant paths to the Internet and redundant data centers, ensuring excellent performance while minimizing the potential for service interruptions.


The network is managed and secured by a team of professionals dedicated to keeping our network operating at capacity while protecting us from intruders. Our Network Support System includes a VIP number that members can access 24/7 to get assistance with network performance issues or request firewall policy changes.


A complete set of E-Rate eligible data center level security and threat management options, including firewall and CIPA compliant filtering services, intruder protections, and threat mitigation, are available with any connection to our regional network, eliminating the equipment, maintenance, licensing, and personnel costs associated with maintaining these services in-house. A majority of our members use these Unified Threat Management services.


SOCRATES files for and administers all federal E-Rate and state Telecommunications Equity Aid and related contracts and administrative records on behalf of its members. Reimbursements are applied directly to member accounts.

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