Social Studies Spectacular

NEW! A regional social studies bee for winners of local social studies bee.


*NEW* Social Studies Spectacular (Grades 5–8)

Join us for the inaugural Social Studies Spectacular for students in grades 5–8. Registered schools will receive information, practice materials and questions to run a local social studies bee. Top students from each school will join us for the regional Spectacular. The regional bee will be held May 16, 2024. More information and registration available soon!

Topics may include:

  • States/capitals/borders
  • Bodies of water
  • World geography/countries/borders/capitals
  • Presidents/Government/civics
  • Maps/latitude/longitude
  • Weather
  • Habitats/species/Migration
  • Flags
  • Economics/Imports/exports
  • And more!

Upcoming events and deadlines:

Registration Deadline: April 1, 2024

Social Studies Spectacular: May 16, 2024 at South Central Service Cooperative

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