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High-STEP Health Science Academy

Preparing and exciting students for careers in health science and technology


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The High-STEP Health Science Academy program aims to shape the future of healthcare professionals in the region. High-STEP provides health science coursework and work-based learning experiences that prepare students for rewarding careers in healthcare.

The program is uniquely designed for students interested in health and health science. Each student receives a quality education, experiences, and opportunities that aim to prepare them for various post-secondary opportunities and careers. 

Participating Schools

  • Cleveland
  • Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton
  • Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial
  • Le Sueur-Henderson
  • Madelia
  • Maple River
  • Martin County West
  • New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva
  • St. Clair
  • St. Peter
  • Tri-City United
  • United South Central
  • Waseca Public School Districts

Participant Testimonials

“Thank you for providing these opportunities for us, smaller schools that don't have the facilities to offer these classes to our students!  We've had such good students in the last few years, and many have entered the healthcare field. It's been fun for me to watch them grow from freshman to see them pass their CNA test. This whole program is wonderful, and I tell the students how lucky they are to have it. After graduation, I've had a few talk to me and tell me they understood what I meant once they started college. The curriculum moved a lot faster, and how they would have struggled if they hadn’t taken the courses they did.” Amy Straube, Business Education Teacher, Waseca Public Schools

"High-STEP Health Science Academy has helped me determine my career focus and college major. I know I want to use my passion for sports and medicine and major in Athletic Training. I couldn't have gotten to this decision without taking the High-STEP courses and I'm proud of the grades I've received thus far." -Sydney, TCU Senior

"Thanks for sharing the kids and their programs. So often I lose track of them after eighth grade, and I don't get much of a chance to see where their interests are taking them. Each display was presented by well-informed, well-spoken, and confident young men and women. I was particularly impressed with their honesty in speaking about where they are going from here, i.e. staying with it because they have found exactly what they were looking for or moving along because they have discovered a new possibility in their area or even moving out because they learned something about themselves that just wouldn't fit in this career path. Very cool. Thanks for what you have given them." -St. Peter Middle School Teacher

"I really am enjoying this experience. Almost all of the therapists are shocked when I tell them I'm only a senior in high school because most observers that come around are trying to get hours for their classes in college, usually graduate school students! That makes me happy. Now I know that I'm getting an experience that most high school students don't have the chance to get." -Kelsey, St. Peter Senior

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Gwenn Wolters

Coordinator - Career & Technical Education
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Dustin Julius, Ed.D.

Instructor/Coordinator High-STEP HST Academy