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SCSC is excited to announce the launch of the Education Career Academy!

Starting next school year, 2024-25, courses will be available for both juniors and seniors.

The objective of Education Career Academy is to inspire learners to become leaders of tomorrow. The course provides an introduction to the field of teaching and equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel as educators. The curriculum challenges students to go beyond traditional teaching confined to school environments. The course integrates key themes, such as effective real-world teaching practices, Culturally Responsive Teaching & Learning, literacy, and Social Emotional Learning into every lesson. Students will explore diverse teaching components like educational theories, classroom management strategies, lesson planning techniques, and the cultivation of inclusive, culturally responsive classrooms that embrace diversity.

Throughout the courses, students are encouraged to put learning into practice, fostering their ability to facilitate learning experiences effectively. This approach ensures that students have a comprehensive understanding of theoretical concepts and the confidence and proficiency required to engage with and support learners.

The courses are available for registration through our partner, Northern Star Online (NSO), with the student enrollment process similar to that of the Health Science High- STEP Academy and the Information Technology SourceCode Academy. View Course Listings

According to the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board, the teacher shortage spans public schools in urban, suburban and rural communities and is the result of multiple factors. Among them: just half of Minnesota teachers with a professional license are working in the classroom, and there's been a significant dip in the number of new teachers entering the profession. The problem is so widespread that more than a third of districts reported they were unable to fill teaching positions they'd budgeted for in the 2019-20 school year.

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Gwenn Wolters

Coordinator - Career & Technical Education
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Dustin Julius, Ed.D.

Instructor/Coordinator High-STEP HST Academy