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Regional experiential career exploration for ninth-graders!


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The Career Navigator is a program developed by SCSC—in partnership with South Central College and local industry professionals—providing high quality career information and content for 9th grade students across South Central Minnesota.  

Through the Career Navigator program, students learn about the diversity and economics of college and career choice, experience six career fields through hands-on learning, and consider the preparation needed for success. Career fields explored include:

  • Agriculture, food and natural resources
  • Art, communications and information systems 
  • Engineering, manufacturing and technology 
  • Health science technology
  • Human services
  • Business, management and administration

The overall goal set by the Perkins Advisory Committee is to "impact school and community culture for understanding the 'new economy' and subsequent need by students to develop both academic and technical skills as a competitive advantage for college and career success."

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Gwenn Wolters

Coordinator - Career & Technical Education
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