May 10, 2024

SCSC Job Openings Support COMPASS Partnership

All nine Minnesota Service Cooperatives, including SCSC, are joining in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Education to support the COMPASS (Collaborative Minnesota Partnerships to Advance Student Success) work throughout our state. This partnership will encourage statewide alignment and collaboration to provide support in our region in the areas of literacy, math, MTSS, culturally responsive leadership, equitable access, and advocacy. 

COMPASS is designed to meet schools and districts where they are in the work to accelerate student learning and match the state’s response to those needs in our region. SCSC is preparing to construct a framework for accessible teaching and learning in our south central region. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in enhancing educational opportunities and outcomes for students across Minnesota as well as regionally. 

In support of the COMPASS partnership, SCSC currently has these job opportunities:

For more information, please contact Amy Burns, SCSC Director of Human Resources/Payroll, or 507-389-5109.

For information about specific job postings or how this partnership can support the educators and students in your district or school, reach out to Sarah Morrison, Director of Teaching and Learning, or 507-389-5118.