Omada is an online program that uses behavior science to help people lose weight, reduce their risk for chronic disease such as diabetes & heart disease, and feel better than they have in years. The Omada program is at no additional cost to all eligible employees and their adult family members enrolled in our Blue Cross ® and Blue Shield ® of Minnesota health plan.

  • Phase 1: Eat healthier

    • Learn the fundamentals of making smart food choices.
  • Phase 2: Increase activity

    • Discover easy ways to move more and boost your energy.
  • Phase 3: Overcome challenge

    • Gain skills that allow you to break barriers to change.
  • Phase 4: Strengthen habits

    • Zero in on what works for you, and find lasting motivation.
  • Phase 5: Stay healthy for life

    • Get an additional eight months of tips, strategies and support.

You'll get your own:

  • Full-time health coach
  • Wireless smart scale
  • Online peer group for support
  • Program that adapts to you
  • Interactive weekly lessons
  • Digital pedometer

Take a 1-minute Health test To see if You're eligible:



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Hannah Keltgen, 507-386-2982
Wellness Specialist /CCOGA Advisory Services