Security as a Service Program

Since 2016, there have been more than 1,100 documented cybersecurity related incidents involving U.S. public schools that have required public incident reporting and numerous incidents in Minnesota that have not been reported. Additionally, since 2019, PreK-12 schools have been identified as one of the areas most vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

With that in mind, the SCSC has developed a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services utilizing a continuous improvement model that directly supports your current technology staff for the long-haul. The goal of the SCSC Security as a Service program is to implement common sense prevention and mitigation strategies to reduce the day to day risks faced by your district.

The Security as a Service program consists of the following two components:

Security Risk Assessment

The SCSC will conduct a full Security Risk Assessment to identify risks in the areas of administrative, physical, internal and technical controls and vulnerability scans of identified systems. Your assessment results will be used to set objective thresholds for acceptable risk, for decision making, to provide liability defense for cybersecurity insurance, and to meet the MN Government Data Practices Act annual requirements.

Cybersecurity Program Planning and Development   

The results of the Security Risk Assessment will form the basis for developing a cybersecurity program specific to your needs and situation, providing you with a detailed common sense roadmap for program development.


Based on the results of the assessment, we’ll recommend a number of days of development and implementation time. Most districts will need about 10 days in the initial year.

Security Risk Assessment:


Support days (10 days @ $600/day):


Estimated annual cost:



Cost of the program will be included as a $916.67 monthly service charge on your SOCRATES bill.  (Note: Security Assessment is not eligible for federal or state telecom aid.) Subsequent years may need less support days depending on district need.

To Get Started

Complete the Signoff Form or contact Jason Borglum at 507.389.5126 for more information.


Download the Security as a Service Program flyer and Signoff Form.

Please return the Signoff Form to Jason Borglum.