become a member

Becoming a member of SCSC is easy and provides you with quick access to a variety of services.

Who Is Eligible?

Membership is available to all government and educational organizations. Many growth opportunities are free with membership. Our current membership is large and diverse. Cities, counties, public and private schools, faith-based educational organizations, and higher educational institutions are members of SCSC.

As a member, you can select any services offered by SCSC. Some services are free with membership. Others are funded through a fee-for-services arrangement or through our many grant programs.

Benefits of Membership

Membership comes with access to:

  • Members-only pricing on more than 200 cooperative purchasing contracts nationwide
  • Numerous professional development opportunities and regional meetings
  • Networking opportunities
  • Technology trainings
  • Experienced consultants in specialized educational and governmental issues
  • Current health insurance pools and wellness programs
  • Participation in the Health & Safety program
  • Student academic challenge programs
  • Newsletter on relevant topics and issues
  • Employee Recognition Program
  • And much more!


Cindy Ehlers, 507-389-5109
Carol Wessman, 507-389-5110