autism characteristics

How Might These Characteristics Affect a Child in the Classroom?


  • The student may have few positive interactions with peers.
  • The student may not benefit from incidental learning opportunities in the classroom or attend well in large classroom presentations.
  • The student may have difficulty communicating effectively with teachers or peers. The student may demonstrate frustration through unacceptable means such as physical or verbal outbursts.
  • The student may become panicked or frustrated when there are special activities or unanticipated changes in routines.
  • The student may display a strong ability to learn in certain curriculum areas and significant difficulty to learn other skills. Understanding and applying of curriculum skills may be difficult for the student.
  • The student may have difficulty coping with noisy school environments, close proximity with peers, fluorescent lighting, or strong odors.

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Holle Spessard, Special Education Director, Region 9 Low Incidence Project, Centers of Excellence CSPD, 507-389-1914