Professional Learning Exchange

The Exchange 

A modular, blended professional development and credentialing framework designed to support excellent curriculum design and instruction utilizing technology.
Member technology and learning specialists working together with regional and national experts to create Modular Blended Professional Development and Credentialing Options designed to support teaching and learning. The Exchange design helps school leaders harness the collaborative power of the members to build capacity to positively impact curriculum, instruction and environment. These research based frameworks help organize and integrate content, capacity building and credentialing:

  • Rigor, Relevance and Engagement 
  • ELO, Feedback Loops, Assessment and Grading
  • Adopt, Adapt and Innovate
  • Implementation Science NIRN


Featured Programming

Educator Renewal and Leadership Workshop Series

The SCSC has prepared a short workshop series that you should consider using with your teachers and or leadership teams this school year. This includes two kickoff discovery workshops that can be accessed just about any time this fall or later followed by personalized learning and impact projects. You and your educators can enroll directly in the workshop series that will be facilitated by our SCSC PD staff or you can work with our experts to customize the workshops for your organization and facilitate them with your own leaders. Tuition for the workshops and learning community are paid for by a set of grants for SCSC members.

  • The first Portrait of an Educator workshop helps educators rediscover their teaching roots and determine what they need to continue to grow their love of teaching and improve their practice. This workshop takes about 8 hours to complete and it is set up to be completed in a week, during two half day sessions, or on an individualized plan. 
  • The second Human Centered Design workshop helps educators strengthen their understanding of what communities want for their children and what their students want for themselves. This workshop takes about 8 hours to complete and it is set up to be completed in a week, during two half day sessions, or on an individualized plan. 
  • Educators who participate in these workshops will develop My Learning Investment and My Student Impact Project plans that they will implement during the school year and following summer as part of a facilitated learning community or a one to three semester course. All tuition for the workshops and learning community are paid for by a set of grants. Course(s) for graduate credit still need to be determined.
  • My Learning Investment: Participants will draft and negotiate a learning investment plan that takes into account where you are and where you would like to be with respect to your own self-nourishment and one or more Educator Portrait “standards” and/or key district initiatives. Plans will include: Focus, Time, Resources, Assessment and Recognition. 
  • My Student Impact Project: Participants will design and implement a project that impacts a group of students that they work with during the school year. Parameters for this project will be determined during the Human Centered Design Workshop. 

Creating Equitable Outcomes Leadership Workshop Series

The SCSC partners with Longview Education to develop programming to help school boards and leadership teams create equitable outcomes for their students and communities. 

Our Approach to Understanding Inequity.

  • Our work starts with providing participants enough historical information to understand what systemic bias and inequity is, all the way down to the local level.
  • Research has shown that focusing equity work at the personal level is not effective and can leave people feeling disappointed, defensive, and overwhelmed.  We support participants in making this work collaborative and actionable.  
  • Core to making the work actionable is being able to take into account the perspective of others. We seek to help each person appreciate and better understand other people's perspectives on bias and inequity.
  • We then support the creation of meaningful steps that will be taken to create an equitable educational model and outcomes.

Workshops are customized to meet the needs of the schools and communities. Contact Dave Paschke to develop a proposal for your district.

Longview Education was founded in 2021 by a core group of individuals who believe deeply in the power of education to support a more equitable world.  

  • We support schools in designing and implementing equitable and student-centered learning environments.  
  • We are an educator driven organization, bringing years of experience teaching to our work.  

Member Developed Resources
The Exchange features professional development and coaching modules developed by members for members creating options to support your curriculum, instruction and technology initiatives. Modules are differentiated to provide specific instruction and coaching for the teacher practitioner, for curriculum and technology leaders and coaches, and for administrators or leadership teams.
The SCSC is making available a library of workshops and resources on the Exchange that leadership teams can customize and use within their own organizations. These resources cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Building Relationships and SEL
  • Communication and Teacher Clarity 
  • Culturally Responsive - Equity - Accessibility 
  • Feedback and Assessments  
  • Blended and Online Instruction Models and Tools

There are a variety of ways to use these resources including:

  • Use the SCSC Learning Management System (LMS) to host the workshops and resources you would like to use with your educators
    • Use copy of a “course” on our SCSC MyPath LMS Site
      • Send SCSC list of instructors and students
      • Work with SCSC Consultants to set up the course
      • Teach course on own or in collaboration with SCSC Consultants
  • Import “course(s)” to your LMS
    • Go through “course(s)” to choose resources to export with assistance from SCSC Consultants
    • Get file from SCSC and import into your LMS
  • Custom Remix Options
    • Request that the SCSC builds a “course” or set of resources based on your topics and learning goals.
    • Use this course on the SCSC LMS or import it into your LMS
  • Use library materials to build your own course for use with your teachers and leaders

We encourage leaders to share their customized course(s) with other member districts through our Exchange

  • The SCSC invites members who use, remix and improve shared library resources and share them through our Exchange.
  • The SCSC will publish courses that members create and wish to share either as a creative commons type of activity or as a revenue generating type of activity.

The Exchange supports credentialing that clearly communicates individuals’ skills, competencies and expertise in relationship to nationally recognized standards and member defined criteria. 
We work with the other Minnesota Service Cooperatives, as part of the MSC EDvancement initiative and Bloomboard partnership, to offer micro-endorsements designed to help recognize teachers and leaders that demonstrate key competencies needed to ensure student success.
Current Micro-Endorsements
There are three endorsement programs currently being featured by the MSC. Through these programs, Minnesota educators can build and demonstrate skills to address:

  • Student well-being
  • Student learning recovery
  • Equity in the classroom

These new competency-based programs provide an innovative way for schools to support educators in deepening their practice through collaboration and coaching.
Check out for more details or contact Jen McLachlan at
Exchange Sharing Policy
The Exchange manages the content and credentialing resources under two frameworks.

  • Members contribute resources under an Open Education Resource (OER) framework. These resources are available for all members for use and revision at no cost. Contributors agree to honor the resource design and distribution criteria set by the exchange.
  • Members contribute resources under an incentive based Quality of Assurance (QOA) framework. Resources are evaluated, credentialed and made available for purchase. Administration including content hosting and finance is provided by the South Central Service Cooperative under the direction of The Exchange Governance Board. 

More Information: Contact Dave Paschke at 507-389-1773

Educator Renewal and Leadership Workshop Series

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More Information: Contact Dave Paschke at 507-389-1773