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Math Masters logoMath Masters of Minnesota invites all fifth and sixth grade students across the state to participate in regional events where they compete as individuals and in teams. Students receive recognition for their excellence in mathematical skills. Math Masters shows students that their math fundamentals pay off in this valuable academic experience!  Awards are presented to winning students in each component of the competition.

The competition format is identical fifth and sixth grade events, consisting of these components: individual warm-up fact drill (75 problems, five  minutes, no calculators), four individual problem solving rounds (eight problems in each 10 minute round, calculators allowed), three team problem solving rounds (10 problems in each 15-minunte rounds, calculators allowed). The seven rounds of the regional Math Masters Challenges include the following mathematical areas:

  • numbers and properties of numbers
  • geometry, time, money
  • decimals, fractions, percent
  • charts, graphs, statistics, probability, counting
  • sequences, series, pre-algebra (6th grade only)

A special note of thanks:

HyVee in Mankato, and McDonald's in Mankato and St. Peter for providing snacks; and our host Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato.

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Mary Hillmann, 507-389-2509
Math Masters of Minnesota, 507-460-1843