Foodservice budget surplus? Use it to Help Run Your Program Faster, Leaner and Better

Without a doubt, 2020–21 has been an anomaly. Districts saw some costs increase and others, like foodservice, decrease. With a significant decline in meal participation rates and food costs over the previous year, many districts now have a budget surplus to spend on foodservice needs before the fiscal year ends.
If your district is among those, invest in ways that will help your program operate faster, leaner and more profitably long-term. Consider subscribing to, or renewing your subscription to, NutriStudents K–12 now and reap the benefits this year and next. Make sure your foodservice team is equipped to do more with less if budgets are cut. NutriStudents K–12 provides a library of USDA-compliant menu weeks, time-saving tools and stand-by professional support. Act today, for your students and your staff! Visit for more information.