Costs for the same quality, in-network procedure can vary by hundreds, even thousands of dollars based on where you go. SmartShopper helps you keep your dollars by showing you the costs up front. And when you choose a cost-effective location, you get a cash reward. It’s your money. SmartShopper helps you keep more of it. Click here to learn more about the savings on health care services.

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Step 1: Shop

  • When your doctor recommends a medical test, service or procedure, call our
    SmartShopper Personal Assistant Team (PAT) or visit us online to find a quality, cost-
    effective location.

Step 2: Go

  • Have the procedure at one of the facilities on the SmartShopper list.

Step 3: Earn

  • Once your procedure is complete and your claim is paid, a reward check is mailed to
    your home. No forms. No hassles. It's that easy.

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