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Meet Sharecare

Changing the way we view health—If you receive insurance through the Minnesota Healthcare Consortium, you have an opportunity to earn a $20 reward each month by staying active!


Together, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and Sharecare are transforming how Blue Cross members view their health. Earning an extra $20 a month has ever been easier! Login to the BCBS member portal and get started with Sharecare today!

Members will begin their health care journey online by completing the RealAge® test. RealAge reveals a person’s age based on health and lifestyle habits instead of their calendar age. Rather than a numerical wellbeing score, RealAge provides a simple and intuitive unmobile phonederstanding of their health.

Following the completion of the assessment, members will immediately receive highly-personalized recommendations on how to lower their RealAge. They will then be invited to download the mobile app so they can access their information any  time, anywhere.

Resources include a dynamic health profile, easy insights to track lifestyle behaviors, highly-personalized health and wellbeing content, Fitness Incentive program, AskMD®, health topics, Fitness Conversion Chart, challenges and much more.

Sharecare’s proven engagement platform provides members with the right information at the right time to help them make the right decisions.

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Hannah Keltgen, 507-386-2982
Wellness Specialist /CCOGA Advisory Services