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Changing the way we view health—If you receive insurance through the Minnesota Healthcare Consortium, you and a family member have an opportunity to earn a $20 reward each month by staying active through the Fitness Incentive Program.

During uncertain times, staying active and focusing on your well-being doesn’t always make it to the top of our to-do lists. But your health is important – to you and to us. That is why I want to make sure you know you have free access to Sharecare as part of your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota benefits.

With Sharecare, you have access to tools and resources like:

  • The RealAge test to find out how old your body is and how you can grow younger
  • Workout videos for when your gym in closed or if you want to avoid the big crowds
  • Activity trackers and challenges to motivate you
  • Mental health support and relaxation activities to get you through these tough times
  • Plus, condition care articles and trackers for employees needing help managing diabetes or high blood pressure, losing weight or quitting tobacco.
  • Sharecare Windows on demand videos library includes 5 categories Photo of Sharecare video library option screencontaining hundreds of hours of relaxation, spiritual, meditation, sleep and background video programming. Relaxing HD videos available anytime, anyplace, on any device.

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Hannah Keltgen, 507-386-2982
Manager of Wellness and Marketing Communications