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One in 2 people will experience a mental health issue during their lifetime—and we want to be a resource for you during those difficult times.
The Minnesota Healthcare Consortium has invested in your mental and emotional well-being by offering online support from Learn to Live at no cost to you.

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Here's How It Works

  • A quick online assessment determines which lessons would benefit you the most. Eight interactive lessons then help you explore situations that trigger negative emotions and give you tips, tricks and strategies to work through them. It is part of your health plan so there is no additional cost to you and it is completely confidential.
  • Learn to Live can help you get a handle on stress, anxiety and worry and learn how to deal with those feelings so you’re in control — not your emotions.

Learn to Live Benefits

  • Immediate 24/7 access to self-paced programs
  • Ability to start, stop and save your progress
  • No cost to you (or your family)
  • As effective as in-person therapy
  • Coaching available (phone, email, text)

Employees and family members (age 13 and older) who have coverage with the MHC health plan can enroll for free in any of the interactive programs – Social Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, or Stress, Anxiety and Worry. We encourage you to take a quick assessment to find out if any of these challenges are impacting your life. Please visit learntolive.com/partners and enter the code MHC.


We are proud to announce that our webinars are now accessible on-demand! Learn to Live MHC health plan participants and family members can access our webinars at learntolive.com/webinars (code MHC) at any time, as many times as they want and at no cost. Closed captioning is also included.

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Hannah Keltgen, 507-386-2982
Manager of Wellness and Marketing Communications