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Put worries to rest with 24/7 support

Medica CallLink connects you with trusted advisors and nurses to get the health answers you
need—at no extra cost. View Medica CallLink flier here.

Features you’ll love

  • ​Learn more about a diagnosis.
  • Decide what type of care will meet your needs.
  • Understand symptoms and treatment options.
  • Make a plan to add healthy habits to your day.
  • Discover the right way to take your medications.
  • Find a doctor or hospital and make an appointment.
  • Get information on preventive screening services and immunizations.
  • Access a 1,000+ audio library on many health and wellness topics.
  • Features you’ll love*Medica

 Need help? We're here.

Talk with an advisor or nurse, 24/7. 1(800)962-9497 (TTY:711)

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