Staff Directory

Employee Directory

Name Phone Title
Aimee Armer Phone 435-640-9115 Title Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration Director of Strategic Development
Amanda Bell Phone 507-386-2960 Title Career Academy Program Coordinator
Holly Beckmann Phone 507-389-5083 Title Teacher of the Blind/Visually Impaired
Barb Bergseth Phone 507-389-5112 Title Synergy & Leadership Exchange
Jason Borglum Phone 507-389-5126 Title Educational Technology Manager
Magen Borkenhagen Phone 507-386-2968 Title Regional Nurse Coordinator
Gerard Breiter Phone 507-386-2961 Title SOCRATES Information Services Manager
Crista Browne-Krosch Phone 507-386-2962 Title American Sign Language Instructor
Amy Dosch Phone 507-386-2966 Title Academic Coordinator
Cindy Ehlers Phone 507-389-5109 Title Administrative Operations Director
Tana Fladland Phone 507-389-1425 Title General Administrative/Conference Center Support Professional
Leah Garry Phone 507-389-5115 Title Synergy & Leadership Exchange
Tara Goebel Phone 507-389-6851 Title Website Coordinator
Mary Hillmann Phone 507-389-2509 Title Academic Program Administration
Mike Humpal Phone 507-389-5766 Title Local Government Solutions Manager
Mary Hylen Phone 507-389-5118 Title Finance Specialist
Roberta Jensen Phone 507-386-2963 Title Marketing Communications Specialist
Karen Johnson, Au.D. Phone 507-389-5103 Title Audiologist
Dustin Julius Phone 507-386-2987 Title Regional Health Science Educator/Coordinator
Hannah Keltgen Phone 507-386-2982 Title Manager of Wellness and Marketing Communications
Les Martisko, Ph.D. Phone 507-389-1881 Title Chief Executive Officer
Tami Moehring Phone 507-386-2967 Title Interactive Learning & Collaboration Coordinator
Glenn Morris Phone 507-389-5106 Title SCSC Regional Program Director, CILC Executive Director
Amy Neils Phone 507-389-6012 Title Teacher of the Blind/Visually Impaired
David Paschke Phone 507-389-1773 Title SOCRATES Managing Director
Kristi Portugue Phone 507-389-5086 Title Teacher of the Blind/Visually Impaired
Mackenzie Quigley Phone 507-389-1425 Title Marketing Communications Intern
Cassandra Reasor Phone 507-386-2983 Title Business Systems Analyst
Teresa Rome Phone 507-386-2969 Title Third-Party Billing Specialist
Kelsey Rose Phone 507-389-6999 Title Regional Program Coordinator
Kim Roth, COMS Phone 507-389-6311 Title Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Wendell Sande Phone 507-386-2970 Title Insurance Services Director, Advisory Services
Wanda Sommers Wall Phone 507-389-1076 Title Education & Innovations Director, Synergy & Leadership Exchange Executive Director
Karen Stoll Phone 507-389-6067 Title Conference Center/Meeting Coordinator
Erin Toninato Phone 507-389-1914 Title Region 9 Director/Low Incidence Facilitator
Cassi Wanous Phone 507-386-2971 Title Support Services
Carol Wessman Phone 507-389-5110 Title Business Operations Director
Gwenn Wolters Phone 507-389-2123 Title Regional College & Career Readiness Coordinator
Janet Zanetis Phone 507-386-2972 Title Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration Managing Director

Consultant Directory

Name Phone Title
Sam Mikkalson Phone 507-382-6072 Title Information Technology Academy Teacher/Coordinator
Harold Remme Phone 507-386-2984 Title Advisory Services - Member District Administration
Susann Rosenow Phone 507-386-2985 Title School Improvement Facilitator
Ruth Ann Rosenwinkel Phone 507-386-2990 Title Regional Center of Excellence – ECSE Facilitator
Jane Schuck Phone 507-386-2986 Title School Improvement Facilitator
Gus Sorbo Phone 507-386-9060 Title Infinite Campus Support Services
Ed Waltman Phone 507-386-2988 Title Advisory Services - Member District Administration
Dan Weir Phone 612-799-2999 Title Insurance Specialist & Consultant
Betty Widmer Blace Phone 507-386-2989 Title Academic Coordinator