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Welcome to Leading Forward: Transforming Minnesota! 
South Central Service Cooperative (SCSC) is honored to partner with you, your leadership team and other experts in the field to provide unequaled excellence in professional learning. We are committed to providing resources and training to advance the field of teacher and leadership growth, development and evaluation. To ensure successful implementation, SCSC partners with leading researchers, effective practitioners and innovative organizations so that you can be sure your planning, delivery and implementation processes provide measurable outcomes for staff and students.

We have developed a number of partnerships to help us help you reach your goals. We have partnered with Learning Sciences International (LSI) and the work of Dr. Robert Marzano whose

“mission is to research, develop, and provide next generation tools, professional development and training programs, and advanced data systems to support every teacher and leader to improve their professional practice in a measurable way that produces a causal effect on raising student achievement.” 

Through their cutting-edge research and ongoing support, Leading Forward and LSI will help you transform your implementation plan into real and measurable growth for staff and students.

Training begins with a critical core of committed leaders (Two days), follow-up leadership cohort sessions to ensure implementation and accountability to each other, onsite full-staff training customized to meet your learning needs and technical support to ensure job-embedded practice demonstrates continuous improvement/growth. 

Leading Forward commits our energies and services to help educators systematically improve their practices to positively impact growth for all. We have customized service agreements that will meet your needs and serve as an entry point in the pursuit of excellence. 

Check out this list of resources to get started:
  • Marzano Causal Teacher Evaluation Model is backed by decades of research and hundreds of real-classroom experimental/control studies (
  • Leadership Support. Leading Forward has a highly innovative professional development team to help you provide the needed leadership in your school/district. 
  • Marzano School Leadership Evaluation Model. Designed to align with the Marzano Causal Teacher Evaluation Model, the new Marzano Leadership Model promotes a school-wide concentration on student achievement using a common language of instruction.
  • Mentorship Academy
  • Informational Webinars
  • Teacher and Leader Effectiveness. 


Wanda Sommers Wall, Ph. 507-389-1076 or 952-239-1172, Fax 507-389-1772
Mary Hillmann, Ph. 952-715-8745, Fax 507-389-1772  

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